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The True Story Behind The Murder Of Betty Gore

A murder on Friday the 13th, a love triangular, a drowsy little community– it’s no marvel that the real-life scary tale leading up to the fatality of Betty Gore was made right into not one however 2 Television programs: Hulu’s five-episode miniseries “Candy,” starring Jessica Biel, and also HBO Max’s “Love and also Death,” starring Elizabeth Olsen. As illustrated in the fictionalized accounts, the occasions leading up to Gore’s fatality are troubling and also remarkable, yet what actually took place?

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A love triangular|0:00
The most effective of close friends|1:09
A mindful event|2:05
An anxiety of desertion|3:06
Wonderful Candy|4:26
41 impacts|5:15
Like absolutely nothing occurred|6:23
Sweet’s variation|7:18
Sweet’s protection|8:18
Shhh …|9:17
The decision|10:15
A brand-new identification|10:50
The consequences|12:00