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Recipe: Almond Bark

Almond Bark


1 c Whole unblancehed almonds
3 pk (6oz) semisweet choco chipsOR
1 pound White sweet covering
2 tb Solid veggie reducing


Spread almonds in a baking frying pan and salute in a 350 stove for concerning 8 mins,
trembling frying pan sometimes. Allow cool. Line a rimmed 10×15 inch frying pan with wax
paper, covering base and sides of frying pan. Area delicious chocolate chips or sweet
finishing in the top of a dual central heating boiler. Include shrotening, mix over hardly
simmering water simply till combination starts to thaw. get rid of from warmth; mix
till entirely metled. mix in toasted almonds. Transform combination right into frying pan and
infected disperse nuts equally; tto spread a lot more efficiently, decrease frying pan onto
counter numerous times from an elevation of concerning 8 inches. cool sweet
simply till company. Burglarize items prior to offering. to shop, cover airtight
and cool for approximately 3 weeks. Makes concerning 1 1/4 extra pounds.

Allow cool. Line a rimmed 10×15 inch frying pan with wax
Transform blend right into frying pan and
Damage right into items prior to offering.