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How to make “Chocolate Cacao pod” Chocolate Cacao pods – Mousse cake filled with chocolate

Cacao! ∴ ∵ ゞ( ´ ω’ *) ♪
This time around I made a delicious chocolate mousse cake in the form of a cacao fruit.
In the facility, the sourness of cacao pulp, milk delicious chocolate and also The marital relationship of wonderful delicious chocolate mousse made it the most effective.

0:00 Introduction
0:07 Cocoa cookie
3:03 Cacao pulp jelly
4:19 Milk delicious chocolate mousse
7:04 Chocolate mousse
9:25 Glassage

[Glassage chocolat] Granulated sugar: 125g.
Chocolate powder: 50g.
Water: 75g.
Fresh lotion 36%: 75g.
Jelly sheet: 7.5 g.
1. Saturate the jelly in water to soften, after that drainpipe.
Mix granulated sugar as well as chocolate powder in a pan.
Include water as well as mix.
When the blend ends up being shiny over warm, slowly include the lotion.
5. Give a boil once again, prepare a little, as well as when it gets to regarding 55 levels Celsius, include the jelly, mix to liquify, as well as stress.

[Components] [Chocolate cookies] (around 4 cookies, 3mm thick).
Butter: 25g.
Powdered sugar: 20g.
Egg yolk: 10g.
A – Flour: 45g.
A – Cocoa: 5g.
A – Baking powder: 1g.
[Prep work] 1. bring the butter to area temperature level, include the sugar and also blend well up until the blend transforms white. 2.
2. progressively include ruined egg yolks, blending well. 3.
Look with each other active ingredients An as well as blend till powdery. 4.
Cover the dough in cling wrap and also cool for a minimum of 1 hr. Present the dough to 3 mm in size with a moving pin or such, as well as eliminated the dough with a mold and mildew of your selection. 5.
Preheat stove to 160-170 ° C as well as cook for 12-15 mins.

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(around 4 cookies, 3mm thick).
1. Cover the dough in plastic cover and also cool for at the very least 1 hr. Roll out the dough to 3 mm in size with a moving pin or the like, and also reduced out the dough with a mold and mildew of your option.

Polymer Ruler 3mm 2 computers.


[Delicious chocolate mousse] A – Couverture 56%: 100g.
A – 36% light whipping cream: 100g.
A – Granulated sugar: 10g.
B – 45% fresh lotion: 30g.
B – 36% light whipping cream: 70g.
[Prep work Method] Whip the lotion and also mix of B.
Melt the delicious chocolate from An as well as bring the lotion to a boil to make the ganache.
3. Mix the whipped lotion right into the ganache as well as put it right into the mold and mildews.
4. Freeze for 8 hrs.

Silicon whipper TOMIZ.

silicone spatula.

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[Cacao pulp jelly] Jelly: 2g.
Granulated sugar: 12g.
Pectin: 3g.
Cacao pulp puree: 130g.
Tremolyn: 10g.
Lemon juice: 5g.
[Prep work] 1. Reconstitute the jelly layers with water.
Include the puree and also tremolyn as well as give a boil.
Include granulated sugar and also pectin and also warmth somewhat.
Include the jelly, great to 28 ° C, and also put right into mold and mildews.

Tiny pot (put on gas oven).

meiji fresh lotion meiji tokachi 45.

Kitchen area scissors.
Toribe Seisakusho Kitchen Spatter KS-203.
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Shinwa radiation thermostat No. 73010 with laser factor feature.

[Milk delicious chocolate mousse]- PARTABONBU.
Fresh lotion 36%: 28g.
Granulated sugar: 25g.
Egg yolk: 55g.
C – 36% light whipping cream (whipped): 66g.
C – Fresh lotion 45% (whipped): 33g.
D – Milk delicious chocolate: 50g.
D – Pata Bomb: 55g.
1. For the parterre bombes, cozy the lotion in a pan somewhat, after that include branulated sugar and also liquify it.
2. Beat the egg yolks in a dish, blend with a whisk as well as stress right into the 1 syrup combination.
3. Warmth the mix in a warm water bathroom, mixing with a whisk, till it enlarges as well as comes to be cosy and also thick.
4. Maintain the dissolved milk delicious chocolate at around 45 ° C. Add the parterre bombe as well as mix.
Include the whipped lotion as well as put right into the mold and mildew.

Cassette cooktop.
Iwatani MIYABI GASA 3.5 kW CB-WA-35.

Delonghi stove EOB2071J-5W.

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Fit together cooking sheet/Dumar Silpan SN290210.

Copper petit frying pan 10cm.