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CANDY IN CLASS ! 9 Ways To Sneak Food Into Class and DIY School Pranks By Crafty Panda

Mmm… Delicious, yummy, crunchy food is just waiting for you! But sadly, teachers won’t allow snacking during class! What to do? What to do?… We got it! DIY school pranks to the rescue! Let’s stash our gum in a marker or make some edible chalk to surprise your classmates! And if these pranks make you thirsty, just hide some juice in your phone case! Stay tuned to learn many amazing ways to sneak food into class & so much more by Crafty Panda!

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00:00 Gum In Marker
00:48 Secret Skittles
01:58 Edible Chalk
03:18 Gouache Slime
04:32 Juice In Phone Case
06:00 Edible Glue
07:24 Candy In Notebook
08:34 Candy In Eraser
09:29 Oreo Pencil Case

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