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ASMR Cooking / How to make Supreme Chocolate Tart

Cacao! ∴ ∵ ゞ( ´ ω’ * )♪
Today is Chocolate sharp.
Honey as well as rum flavorful ganache.
As the ending up touch to the cake, I put gold fallen leave ahead.

0:33 Sweet brief bread.
3:43 Flatten the dough.
4:20 Fondage the sharp.
5:07 Baking sharp dough.
6:12 Milk ganache( Honey and also rum fragrance).
7:58 Grasage.
10:35 Adding cacao, spray ∴ ∵ ゞ( ´ ω’ *) ♪
. 10:56 Tasting/ Thoughts.

[Active ingredients] One 18cm sharp frying pan.
Unsalted butter: 75g.
[A] – Almond powder: 25g.
[A] – Powdered sugar: 50g.
[A] – Salt: 1g.
Entire egg: 30g.
Cake Flour: 125g.
[Directions] 1. Screen [A] 2. Lotion butter blend with a whipper.
3. Place the A in 2-3 sections and also mix.
4. Include the egg remedy bit by bit in 3-5 times.
5. Blend with a rubber spatula, button to a card and also mix to weave.
6. Place flour alone right into screen 5 in 2-3 sections.
7. Cover it in a cover while it is a little bit grainy as well as allow it being in the fridge for 8 hrs.
8. Spread out the dough (no requirement to knead).
9. Embed in mold and mildew, and also place in a fridge for 1 hr.
10. Spread light weight aluminum foil and also include tartstone (light weight aluminum is much better than stove sheet).
11. Bake at 356F/160C for 35min. Otherwise adequate bake once more.
12. Take the rock and also light weight aluminum foil and also repaint the yolk inside the sharp.
13. Bake in stove at 140 ℃ for regarding 5 mins and also cool.

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■ Silicone whisk.


■ Hagure Metal.

■ Stove grill top.

■ Glaçage.
[Components] Water: 30g.
Light whipping cream 35%: 35g.
Granulated sugar: 50g.
Cacao powder: 20g.
Jelly sheet: 3g.
[Directions] 1. Saturate the jelly sheet in water.
2. Procedure the cacao powder and also sugar in the exact same dish and also blend it.
3. Warm water as well as milk in a frying pan.
4. When 3 gets to a boil, include 2 as well as mix, after that warmth once more.
5. When it’s steamed, include the jelly sheet and also thaw, after that stress it.

Delicious chocolate cacao dish publication on sale !.
One 18cm sharp frying pan.
– Almond powder: 25g.
– Powdered sugar: 50g.
Bake at 356F/160C for 35min.

■ Acrylic leader.


■ Kitchen scissors.

■ Tart frying pan 182 × 25mm.

■ Convection stove.

■ Portable gas stovetop.

■ Bronze mini frying pan.

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■ Ganache.
[Components] Milk delicious chocolate: 180g.
Fresh lotion (milk fat web content regarding 45%): 125ml.
Honey: 15g.
Rum: 10ml.
Unsalted butter: 20g.
[Directions] 1. Slice the delicious chocolate.
2. Place honey and also rum in fresh lotion as well as boil.
3. Emulsify delicious chocolate.
4. When temperature level declines, include butter.
5. When the butter has actually thawed, put it right into the sharp.

■ Oven microwave.
Panasonic NE-BS801 ( 廃盤 ).

■ Couverture Milk delicious chocolate 200g.